Kalispell Medical Service Full Bus Wrap


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The Kalispell Medical Service bus spends its time making trips to and from the Kalispell Regional Medical Center campus to serve special needs riders with medical appointments. When a rider has completed his appointment and needs to be driven home, the Kalispell Medical Service bus travels from the Eagle Transit bus barn on Willow Glen up to Kalispell Regional Medical Center. It takes the rider through the city directly to his home and then either travels to Eagle Transit or returns to the medical campus to pick up another rider.

The bus, Bus 1893, formerly worked the Whitefish City route and was wrapped by McDonalds of Kalispell and Whitefish. When the Whitefish City ridership outgrew Bus 1893, a larger bus was placed on the route and McDonalds’ display was transferred.

Advertisements can be placed over the entire bus, including the windows, to create a display that won’t be missed. Alternatively, vinyl appliques can be placed on the white surface and windows of the bus to minimize production costs and allow quick, cost-effective design changes.

Printing and installation are performed by a third party. The “sign-up fee” represents an estimate of the cost for a full vinyl display and will be adjusted to the actual cost of production.