3 Tips for Your On-Premise Sign

Few businesses underestimate the importance of their external sign.  After all, capturing potential walk-in traffic is a critical component of any retail location’s advertising strategy.  Once your external sign is paid for, it’s like gaining access to free advertising 24/7.  To make sure that your sign is working as well as it could be, stick to these few rules when working on your design:

  • Use a block, sans-serif font for maximum readability from the road.  This might be tricky if your logo uses a serif font, but don’t make the mistake of putting up a beautiful, swirling font that no one can read.  If your logo is difficult to read, consider having a graphic designer make an alternative version to use strictly for outdoor purposes.  Include some of your primary graphic elements (but not too many – keep the emphasis on your company name), a simple font for your company name and a recognizable color scheme to complement your primary logo.
  • Make sure you keep a strong contrast between the background color of your external sign and your lettering
  • Keep your primary elements as large as possible.  In the world of outdoor legibility, the minimum size considered readable from a driving lane is 7″-12″ in height, depending on the speed limit – and that’s for a road sign right next to the lane.  Take into account your external sign’s height and distance from the readers and make sure you give yourself plenty of room to incorporate extra large lettering
Most business owners breathe a sign of relief once their external sign is finished and the doors are open.  Over time, though, many realize that much of the traffic that passes their store each day is repetitive.  While the external sign works great for picking up the regulars who live and work on that side of town, they still have to expand their advertising strategy to reach everyone else.

Outdoor Advertising as an Extra External Sign

One of the primary reasons that businesses large and small choose to incorporate outdoor advertising into their advertising strategy is to expand the reach of their existing external sign.  A well-placed and properly designed billboard, logo panel or bus stop (bus shelter) sign can be just as effective as your external sign at reminding passersby about your products and services and keeping your company name at the top of their minds.  To make sure your outdoor advertising and external sign complement one another, stick to the same design rules for both mediums.  Make sure your graphic elements, colors and lettering are the same across all of your outdoor signs, and that the styles you use are very representative, if not identical, to the ones you use in the other aspects of your advertising strategy.
For more information regarding building a strong outdoor presence, or to learn about available billboards, logo panels and bus shelter signs available in Montana, contact a Chandler Communications representative.