4 Rules for Designing an Outdoor Advertisement

Every form of advertising, or medium, takes a certain art to make it effective.  Outdoor advertising is no exception, which is why we’ve used our experience to come up with a few simple rules that get real results.

Rule #1: Say it in six words (Preferably Less)

Drivers are moving quickly, and just because they see your display every day doesn’t mean they’re going to have time to read more than a few words.  The more brief you are, the more of an impact you’re going to make at every pass.

Rule #2: Use a strong visual

Hypothetically, if your audience didn’t read a word of your written message, would the image you chose combined with your call to action get the point across?  If not, choose a different image.  Impact, impact, impact.

Rule #3: Be consistent

Outdoor is the perfect complement to a plethera of other forms of media, but only if your audience recognizes that it’s all coming from the same source!  Keep your images, your catchphrase and your logo as consistent as possible in all the mediums you use.

Rule #4: Stand back

When you think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your artwork, take a moment to double check.  Print the artwork out on a sheet of paper no larger than 8.5″x11″ and tack it to the wall.  Take about 15 steps back and give it a quick glance.  Can you read the type (Sub-rule: Serif fonts are often unreadable)? Does the image speak for itself?  Does it appear consistent with your other advertising?

Working with a designer that has experience with outdoor advertising displays gives you quite an advantage.  If you’re still struggling with design ideas or would like a designer referral, contact us.