An Introduction to Outdoor Advertising

In this age of sophisticated digital advertising, outdoor ads might strike some as old school. We’d like to give you another perspective that you might find helpful as you explore ways to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Montana is a state that encourages an outdoor lifestyle. This creates opportunities that use the great outdoors as an advertising medium and as a powerful adjunct to your other marketing channels such as internet, broadcast, cable and print. We focus on highly structured advertising that uses buses wraps and transit shelter displays as the palette to paint your message, or at least identity, into the public consciousness.
Our experience indicates that bus wraps and shelter displays can be effectively leveraged to promote consumer awareness of your company, its products and its services. But transit-related media must be used judiciously and in conjunction with other marketing channels to achieve optimum effectiveness.
We recognize that many folks who see bus wraps and transit shelter displays while driving past might not internalize the details of a complicated advertising message. However, a simple graphical presentation that includes the consistent use of logos, images, phrases and fonts across media can make powerful impressions on consumers who happen to be outdoors. Often, the best messages are the simplest, such as an interesting logo and simple phrase, presented consistently and repeatedly at several locations within your marketing region.

Twofold Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

  1. Driving Google traffic: The effective way to leverage your transit-related marketing is to use the identical graphical elements in your outdoor ads and your search result ads. The familiarity you’ve engendered by saturating the transit-related media channel strikes a powerful connection among consumers who see your Google ads. The message is clear: You are a serious business with a reassuring common thread informing your public image. I, the consumer, recognize your logo and that makes me more willing to click on your ad. Indeed, we see a consistent positive correlation between outdoor advertising and click-through rates. If you are paying for Google Ads or count on your Google Business listing to drive traffic your way, you benefit from logo recognition when your ad appears in search results that probably also include ads from your competitors.
  2. Stealing customers: Even if your outdoor ads don’t initiate a Google search, they can bear fruit when a consumer does a search on a related product or service. Brand recognition might cause the consumer to click through to your website, giving you the opportunity to steal some business from a competitor. Once again, it’s the recognition factor that pays off handsomely.

The low CPM of transit-related advertising means even a modest investment in bus wraps and/or transit shelter ads can help boost sales when combined with your Google search and social media presence. In fact, its hard to conceive of a more cost-effective strategy for marketing efforts constrained by budgetary concerns. If you’ve got a product or service to sell, we’ll be happy to meet with you and review your marketing campaigns free of charge or obligation. Contact us today!