Chandler Communications to Administer Great Falls Bus Advertising

On March 1, 2014, Chandler Communications will assume responsibility for administrating the bus wrap advertising program for Great Falls Transit.  Having spent the past few years running a highly successful version of the program in Kalispell, Columbia Falls and Whitefish, Montana, the team looks forward to working with business owners in the Great Falls community over the coming years.

Great Falls Bus Advertising Photo

Eagle Transit, which operates bus routes in Kalispell, Columbia Falls and Whitefish, regularly utilizes 10 county buses on fixed and dial-a-ride routes.  Currently, all ten of those buses are vinyl-wrapped with messages from businesses in the community.

In Great Falls, the transit operates a total of 18 buses – all of which are 30-35 feet in length.  This offers each advertiser roughly 700 square feet of space on which to lay out their “rolling billboard,” when advertising space on both sides and the back of the bus is taken into account.  All buses in the Great Falls area are also rotated regularly throughout fixed routes, so marketing exposure for each bus is equalized throughout main thoroughfares around the town.

Chandler Communications will begin looking to community-oriented businesses throughout the Great Falls area toward the start of March, 2014.  As much of the revenue received from the program is sent directly back to the transit to support ongoing operations, the team has found that the program is an unusually pointed way to demonstrate a spirit of community support to the residents and visitors of Great Falls.