Chandler Communications Provides Shelter for Hospital Patients

In 2010, Kalispell Regional Medical Center reached out to Eagle Transit to fill a need. Bus riders leaving the hospital were having difficulty making a connection with public transit drivers. Without a bus shelter outside the hospital, drivers were unable to determine whether individuals on the sidewalk were passersby or patrons waiting for a ride. In some cases, the patrons and drivers missed each other completely. Even when the drivers and riders were able to connect, the lack of a comfortable, safe place to wait for a ride was concerning.p1010187

As the situation revealed itself, KRMC realized the need for a bus shelter.  Eagle Transit, the Flathead Valley’s public transit system, was contacted.
For several years, Eagle Transit had been working with Chandler Communications in the Flathead Valley. Chandler Communications provides the bus shelters for patrons and arranges for the private sector to assist in funding their construction and maintenance. When the need came to the
attention of Dave Polansky, Program Director for Eagle Transit, he immediately contacted Chandler Communications to request their assistance. Chandler Communications was more than willing to help.
Within a few short months, the bus shelter, custom made to match the architectural lines and design colors of the hospital, was in place.
Today, bus riders have a beautiful bus shelter in which to wait for transportation. The shelter is lit in the evening hours for safety and sturdy panels of crisp, clean glass protect the patients from the harsh elements. Buses from all parts of the county make regular stops at the KRMC shelter, including both commuter and city routes. Many individuals even use the shelter as a meeting place for private transportation, taking advantage of the convenient landmark that’s easily accessible for all.
Eagle Transit and Chandler Communications continue to work together to bring the citizens of the Flathead Valley transportation while maintaining safe, comfortable waiting areas along the way.