Chandler Communications Installs Transit Shelter in Evergreen

In November of 2011, the first passenger shelter to mark the addition of Eagle Transit’s new East/West bus route addition was installed at Super One Foods in Evergreen, Montana.  The structure was installed with a new comfort feature – sturdy, perforated metal walls along the back of the shelter in lieu of glass to better protect waiting passengers from the elements.

The Chandler Communications installation team spent months researching potential locations for the first Evergreen shelter.  “It was critical to us to pave the way to the most important stops in the area,” says Walrack, president of Chandler Communications, “and Super One Foods is a staple of the Evergreen community.  It just fit perfectly as the flagship for the new route.”  The placement of the passenger shelter provides easy access to groceries at Super One Foods, office supplies at Staples and even lunch at Perkins for passengers of the transit system, making it the epitome of an ideal bus stop.

The passenger shelter also serves another important purpose: reminding the community about public transit.  Placed in a prominent space on Highway 2 East, the structure regularly communicates both the presence and the convenience of public transportation to the locals.  These small but powerful reminders are a critical component of increasing the participation of the community, both in terms of ridership and of overall support.  “People need to see something over and over again if they’re going to remember it,” Walrack concludes, “and that’s what makes these shelters so important.  People drive by them every day, and soon they decide to take the bus to the store instead of their SUV.  Those are the small changes that become a part of something bigger.”

The new East/West route addition launched early this week.