Bus Shelters: Much More Than Just a ‘Structure’

montana-outdoor-bus-shelterBus shelters are a welcome sight to any public transportation user. Shelters are modern conveniences that communities have come to expect as standard equipment for high traffic bus stops. The sheer volume of riders entering and exiting buses allows you to speak to large numbers of people per day in a matter of seconds through bus shelter advertising. Bus shelters are not only as a source of shelter, but a quick, efficient means of finding what one needs – from bus schedules, and maps to local services.

Typically, drivers and riders alike only spend a few minutes, to mere seconds before moving on. Due to the perfect combination of events your advisement becomes part of a comfortable, non-intrusive learning experience that benefits all participants whether they realize they are participants or not.

Public transit is made more accessible by shelters by creating a sense of comfort for riders waiting for their next connection. Such an increase in accessibility allows for greater numbers of people using buses. High gas prices and people choosing more efficient means of transportation also means that your bus shelter advertising reaches more people. Transit riders offer a captive audience to the savvy business owner who thinks to advertise using bus shelters. Bus shelters allow riders to feel safely encapsulated and even entertained during their wait for the bus. Without shelters, riders often feel exposed and un-entertained as they wait on the side of a street. Bus shelters offer a service that should be utilized to its fullest capacity.

Bus shelter advertising is an opportunity to present your message at eye level and can’t help but to be noticed from the road. Drivers are often captivated by companies’ advertisements on bus shelters. The scale and memorable content of images translates easily to drivers who may just glance at the bus shelter. Consider that drivers must be aware of pedestrians. Bus shelters are a clear indicator that pedestrians are most likely nearby. People look for bus shelters. Why not use this opportunity to tell people about what your company has to offer?

Factor in the ability to repeat your message to the same audience. Repetition allows greater opportunity for people to really think about your advertising. The traffic of a local area does not change drastically overnight which is a reliable sense of who your advertising may be reaching. Additionally, commuters are exposed to neighborhood specific messages which then become relevant to commuters through repetition alone.

Your company’s well designed advertising compliments the goal of bus shelters and creates an opportunity for you to speak to your community. No matter what audience your company caters to, your ability to target specific demographics located within different areas of communities may be utilized to its fullest capacity by bus shelter advertisements.