Bus Shelters Installed on Huffine Lane in Bozeman, Montana

bozeman_shelter_photoWith the finishing touches still to be added, two new bus shelters were erected late last week by Chandler Communications on Huffine Lane in Bozeman, Montana.  The shelters, which sport a two-color custom powdercoating job to reflect the town’s Bobcat team spirit, are the first in the state to offer safety lighting provided by green energy.  All power comes from solar panels mounted atop the shelters, and low-consumption LED lighting is triggered by photocell to keep the shelters lit during dark evening and morning hours each day.

The two shelters currently installed are only the beginning of an ongoing project designed to meet the safety needs of Streamline riders at various stops in the coming years.  Additional shelters are planned for installation near Four Corners, in Belgrade and at high-traffic stops in Bozeman.

In addition to fabricating and installing the shelters, Chandler Communications provides all aspects of maintenance at no cost to the City of Bozeman or Streamline.  By funding the program with sponsorships from local businesses, the Chandler maintenance team is able to offer cost-free cleaning, repairs, snow removal, lighting and landscaping at each Bobcat shelter.

For any questions related to the program, future installations or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Megan at 406.261.3911 or megan@chandlercommunications.com