Bozeman Prepares for New Streamline Bus Shelters on Huffine Lane

After receiving approval to move forward installing bus shelters for Streamline in Bozeman from the City Commission in June, 2013, the Chandler Communications team initiated shelter fabrication and site setup.  In early preparation for the first set of shelters to be installed for the Streamline riders, concrete pads were poured along Huffine Lane by AFM Contracting in late fall, 2013.

img_4019The stops along Huffine Lane, some of the most heavily used by Streamline patrons being at the corner of Huffine and Gooch Hill, lacked not only a place for riders to stand or rest out of the elements, but adequate lighting for safety as well.  The shelters scheduled to be installed in 2014 will eliminate these concerns for four of the stops between Bozeman and Belgrade along this high-traffic road.

The concrete pads on which the shelters will be installed can be seen adjacent each other at Huffine and Gooch Hill, Huffine and Arrowhead and Huffine and Shedhorn.  All are designed specifically for the location at which they sit.  Pads poured at the Shedhorn and Arrowhead locations (shown right, above) include wide steps along the incline from the sidewalk to the road to increase rider ease of access.*

img_3530Concrete poured for shelters at Huffine and Gooch Hill (shown right, below) also accommodate the landscape by preventing unnecessary drop-offs around the concrete edges surrounding the shelters.

After the shelters are installed at these locations, regular snow removal and cleaning services will begin, provided by Chandler Communications.

*ADA-compliant paths are also made available to these locations