Bozeman Approves New Streamline Bus Shelters

On June 23, 2013, the Bozeman City Commission voted in approval of expanding Chandler Communications’ transit shelter program to Bozeman.  The program, which currently operates successfully in both Great Falls and the Flathead Valley, provides a much-needed safety feature to local transits without consuming any taxpayer funds.  Advertisements placed by local businesses are used to fund the project, which includes not only the installation and fabrication of the shelters, but also lighting, structural maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and snow removal on a regular basis.bozeman_shelter_website1

The bus shelter shown here, with a few minor alterations required by the Commission, will be installed at heavily trafficked Streamline bus stops gradually over the coming years.  Stops with safety concerns, such as a lack of nearby lighting for early morning or evening riders, will also receive free shelters under this program.

The shelter was custom designed for the Bozeman community, sporting a two-color powder coating job to match the current shades of the MSU Bobcat logo, a placard for the Streamline logo and a state-of-the-art solar and LED lighting system designed to minimize energy consumption.

The first set of bus shelters are scheduled for installation in 2014 along Huffine Lane between Bozeman and Belgrade.

Read the article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, published on June 24, 2013, here.